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Report: SKV Statice Health Club - Dengue Awareness Program

Volunteers at SKV Statice Health Club spoke to the audience about the causes, symptoms, and prevention of Dengue. They also handed out leaflets containing information about the disease.

Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya School

Updated November 12, 2023

About the Disease

On September 24th, members of the SKV (Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya School) Statice Health Club conducted an awareness program on Dengue at "Aajeevika Utpad Mela". Aajeevika Utpad Mela, also known as Rural Livelihoods Products Fair, is an event in India that promotes and showcases various products and projects made by the local community. The main goal of the Rural Livelihoods Products Fair is to allow artisans and small businesses to reach a larger audience, hence helping their efforts. Statice SKV used this opportunity to spread the awareness of Dengue (Break-bone fever), a condition that over 33 million people in India are diagnosed with each year.

The health club volunteers addressed the gathering on cause, symptoms and prevention of Dengue and also distributed flyers about dengue.


The health club achieved their first ever milestone by providing and assisting the most underprivileged sections with support and education about dengue outbreak. The members bought the products produced by Self Help Groups of women in order to empower their future production.


The team had many goals they had set for themselves on Aajeevika Uptad Mela, and are proud to have achieved all of them. Among them was to raise awareness in their local neighborhood about dengue and raising funding to donate to foundations for dengue. The other goals were to do community service for a good cause and educate their community about dengue and similar deadly diseases.


The team was filled with a deep sense of satisfaction and inner contentedness as they assisted the general public by spreading knowledge and establishing an impactful aid.

The SKV health club looks forward to expanding their service and assistance to their community in many more Aajeevika Uptad Melas to come. They plan to tackle various health related challenges, and run similar stands in various events.