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Our Mission

Statice Health International is a student-led, 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization whose mission is to spearhead the advancement of global health equity through worldwide youth mobilization. With membership in 85 different countries and 200 cities, we strive to break down barriers to health to create a world where everyone has equal and just opportunity to health, no matter socioeconomic status, race, gender, or disposition.


Our Goals

>> Break down barriers to health access through youth initiative
>> Proliferate digestible, accurate, and easily accessible health resources
>> Provide valuable opportunities for students to volunteer and explore their interests in healthUnify young people across borders to fight for greater health equity
>> Provide valuable opportunities for students to network and engage in volunteerism
>> Establish local branches to address public health concerns in underserved communities

For students. By students.

Statice Health International is the result of a collaboration between students like you. Together, we help raise health awareness while providing members with worthwhile work and volunteering.






People Reached



Activities across the entire world

With members across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Austrailia, and Asia, Statice Health International provides equal opportunity for all students interested in promoting public health with us. Anyone joining us can expect a safe and exciting environment to work in.

Volunteer With Us

How we promote public health and raise awareness.

Our Main Programs


Through our blog, health awareness guides, and podcast, Statice proliferates accurate and easily digestible health information, inspiring its community to make healthy lifestyle choices. Statice's content serves as a accessible health platform for young people.


Statice's community organizes countless in-person health awareness campaigns every month, ranging from local events to international awareness programs, Statice's in-person and online awareness campaigns bridge the gap between youth worldwide.


At Statice, our goal for fundraising is not only to pave the way for future research on deadly diseases, but to also make health more accessible for the less fortunate. Fundraising enables us to make strides in elevating the health of the underserved.